These instructors come from across the country and bring a lifetime of experience in the subjects that they teach. We are proud to bring them to the Piedmont to share their expertise.

bioNathawkon set InsideNeil Grenoble instructor of Primitive Pottery

See our class page for a list of potential classes.

Our 2018 Instructors:Brown_dragon_17_-324x420

  • Nancy Basket – Traditional basketry,
  • Alex Howe- salve making
  • Anna Alexandre – Natural Dying, plant walks, herbal medicine
  • Lily Harlin and Nicolas Wentworth: Woodworking,spoon carving
  • Bob Orcutt
  • Hawk Hurst- Rivercane Flute making
  • Colleen Hewlett
  • Denton Bragg
  • Doug Elliot: Wildwoods wisdom and storytelling
  • Doug Myer
  • Fuz Sanderson
  • Grant Atkinson
  • Luke Mclaughlin
  • Gray Taylor
  • Harvey Harman
  • James Parker
  • Rebecca Parker
  • Nicolas Parker
  • Jason Drevenak: Fire for All – Friction Fire, Lacing Buckskin Bags
  • Jeff Gottlieb: Traditional mocasin making, Cordage
  • Joan Candalino
  • Kieth Grenoble: Pottery via campfire fireing
  • Leif Diamant: Wild walkabout with Doug Elliot, Nature Spirituality and Deep Ecologypress-possum
  • Sarah Haggerty
  • Sarah Henry
  • James Clinkscales
  • Sharlene Sanderson- Cast Iron Cooking and Kombucha making

Past Instructors we’ve been proud host:

  • Alex Kilgore – Friction Fire, sharpening
  • Arthur Bernier: Wilderness First Aid and movement/Awareness for kids.
  • Colbert Swamp Man – Tracking, survival thinking, improvisation
  • Dean Smith: Portable Shaving Horse, Sharpening
  • Godi Godar – African Bow making,
  • Jeff Moore – Fire, Slate knives, Astronomy, Shelters, coal burn
  • Joe Flowers: Sharpening, Machete use and care, Fish Traps, Rabbit Sticks
  • Johnny Waken – Traditional Archery
  • Luke Cannon: Trees – identification and uses, sensory and awareness games, bird language
  • Marc Williams: Botany, edible and medicinal plants, mead making
  • Miranda Hiedler – Fibers and Drop Spindal weaving
  • Natalie Bogwalker: Buckskin hide tanning
  • Sam Moore – Paiute deadfalls, paracord slings
  • Talia: buckskin symposium, buckskin sewing
  • Todd Warner: Beekeeping 101



Colleen Casey and Karen McAll: Registration Coordinators and Goddesses of logistics

Paul Wentworth: Instructor Coordinator and Sanity Savior

Shauna Perry: Designer of posters, flyers and conceptual reality

Bryan Reddish: Website and Wisdom Deity

Tod Kershaw: Site Manager and Laughter support.

Kaleb Wallace and Rich Wells: Kitchen Magicians with Egyptian precision.

Angi Parrish: Work Trade Coordinator

Lori Langdon- Online Media Admin and event promoter

Fuz Sanderson: Event Lead Coordinator and Somethin somethin

Hannah Eck: Abundance NC Interface person and herder of cats.



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