Work Trade

The Piedmont Earthskills Gathering has a number of positions available for people who would like to work in exchange for entry to the event. The majority of positions may involve helping on one of the following teams: cooking, set-up (tarps, privies, kitchen, gathering firewood, etc.), registration, first-aid, sanitation, camp breakdown and clean-up, etc.

Many of these positions involve work that will be completed before the event.

Deadline for application is March 10, 2017


This is an application only and sending this application does not secure your spot for Work Trade.

You will be contacted upon receipt of your application to discuss your spot and work, once an offer has been made you need to register online to and pay your registration fee to hold your spot on the worktrade crew.

We do recommend applying early, as some positions will fill earlier than others.

Worktrades offered for Piedmont Earthskills Gathering, 2017:

1) Full work trade – $25-50 registration fee. Expected to arrive early and stay late, unless they have worked something out ahead of time. ~20-25 work hours.

2) Partial work trade – $115 registration fee. May be asked to arrive early depending on position. ~10-12 work hours.