Single and 1/2 day Rates

Single days and Half Days are available ONLY at the gate.

There is no online pre-registration. When you arrive at the gate, make sure to stop at the registration booth to do our onsite check-in. We prefer onsite payment by cash or check.

Single Day Passes

Single day passes with camping and breakfast/dinner are $80 per day, for adults, $50 for youth, ages 6 to 17.  The pass includes two class sessions, one breakfast, one dinner and overnight camping for one night.

Single day passes with classes only (no camping and no food) are $60 for adults and $30 for children under 18.

We recommend arrival between 8 and 9am  so that you can attend opening circle and be ready for the morning classes.


Half Day Passes

Half Day passes are $40 for adults, $25 for youth. Half Day passes include one meal and one class session (as well as a morning circle or evening fireside experience). We recommend arrival between 8 and 9am for the morning session and between 12 and 1pm for the afternoon session.

Half day passes for the first day of our gathering  (The arrival day) is at a special discounted rate of $20.  There will be no formal classes on that day but there is an opportunity to network with the earthskills community, meet and chat with instructors, get informal instruction, and experience the unique atmosphere at an earthskills event.