Instructors & Staff

bioNathawkon set InsideNeil Grenoble instructor of Primitive Pottery


These instructors come from across the country and bring a lifetime of experience in the subjects that they teach. We are proud to bring them to the Piedmont to share their expertise.

See our class page for a list of potential classes.

Our 2017 Instructors:Brown_dragon_17_-324x420

  • Alex Howe
  • Asa Hewitt
  • Barron Brown: Woodworking, bowl and spoon carving
  • Bob Orcutt
  • Charles McEntiryre/Hayley Hogg
  • Charlie Auralia
  • Colleen Hewlett
  • Denton Bragg
  • Doug Elliot: Wildwoods wisdom and storytelling
  • Doug Myer
  • Fuz Sanderson
  • Grant Atkinson
  • Gray Taylor
  • Harvey Harman: Principles of Permaculture
  • James Clinkscales
  • James Himes
  • Jason Drevenak: Fire for All – Friction Fire, Lacing Buckskin Bags
  • Jeff Gottlieb: Traditional mocasin making, Cordage
  • Joan Candalino
  • Kieth Grenoble: Flintknapping and Pottery
  • Leif Diamant: Wild walkabout with Doug Elliot, Nature Spirituality and Deep Ecology
  • press-possumRobert Orcutt: Blacksmithing
  • Sabrina Squires
  • Sangoma Oludoye: Earth tribe elders, sacred activism
  • Sarah Haggerty
  • Siobhan
  • Snow Bear Taylor: Open hearth cooking, Scouting, storytelling

Past Instructors we’ve been proud host:

  • Alex Kilgore – Friction Fire, sharpening
  • Arthur Bernier: Wilderness First Aid and movement/Awareness for kids.
  • Colbert Swamp Man – Tracking, survival thinking, improvisation
  • Dean Smith: Portable Shaving Horse, Sharpening
  • Godi Godar – African Bow making,
  • Hawk Hurst – Gourd craft, udu drums, Rivercane Flute making
  • Jeff Moore – Fire, Slate knives, Astronomy, Shelters, coal burn
  • Joe Flowers: Sharpening, Machete use and care, Fish Traps, Rabbit Sticks
  • Johnny Waken – Traditional Archery
  • Luke Cannon: Trees – identification and uses, sensory and awareness games, bird language
  • Marc Williams: Botany, edible and medicinal plants, mead making
  • Miranda Hiedler – Fibers and Drop Spindal weaving
  • Nancy Basket – Traditional basketry,
  • Natalie Bogwalker: Buckskin hide tanning
  • Sam Moore – Paiute deadfalls, paracord slings
  • Talia: buckskin symposium, buckskin sewing
  • Todd Warner: Beekeeping 101



Gail Abrams: Anchor, Keel, Ballast, and the wind in the sails. Thank you for all of your steadfast support.

Colleen Casey and Karen McAll: Registration Coordinators and Goddesses of logistics

Paul Wentworth: Instructor Coordinator and Sanity Savior

Shauna Perry: Designer of posters, flyers and conceptual reality

Bryan Reddish: Website and Wisdom Deity

Tod Kershaw: Site Manager and Laughter support.

Kaleb Wallace and Rich Wells: Kitchen Magicians with Egyptian precision.

Hannah Eck: Work Trade Coordinator and enthusiastic promoter

Crystal Honeycutt: 1st aid coordinator and Herbal Health

Fuz Sanderson: Event Coordinator and Somethin somethin