Classes & Community

We offer morning and afternoon classes on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  These will be posted for sign up each morning. Please see the 2017 Instructors List or the 2017 Class Schedule by day for current line up.

Examples of classes to be held:

  • Fire making
  • Open Hearth Cooking
  • Pottery
  • Blacksmithing
  • Flintknapping
  • Bone and Antler Tools
  • Stone Tools
  • Weaving and Textiles
  • Cordage and Twining
  • Netting
  • Basketry
  • Knots
  • Knife Sharpening
  • Nature Awareness
  • Advanced Bird Language
  • Edible and Medicinal Plant Harvesting
  • Slings
  • Bolas
  • Rabbit-sticks
  • Bows and Arrows
  • Atl-atls and Darts
  • Treen
  • Traps and Snares
  • Spears
  • Primitive Cookery
  • Soap making
  • Natural Dyes
  • Useful Wild Plants
  • Pitch Sticks
  • Primitive Shelters/Structures
  • Blowguns
  • Indigenous Musical InstrumentsPEG-2016-CLASS-DSC06153-200
  • Music Making
  • Storytelling
  • Hide Tanning
  • Clothing and Adornments
  • Moccasin making
  • Tribal Life
  • Tribal Games and Sports
  • Tracking and Stalking
  • Permaculture
  • Sustainability



We have a rich culture of storytellers, dancers, heritage craftsmen and musicians. The nature of Earthskills Gatherings lends itself to spontaneous community activities that include trade blankets, games, music and storytelling.  The gathering becomes a village in the best sense, and creates a safe, positive environment for learning and growing.   There will be events each evening around the fire which are inspired by ancient cultures of music, song, stories, dance and celebration.

The Piedmont Earthskills Gathering is a family friendly event.  We offer an opportunity people of all ages to find community and connect with the earth in a safe environment.  Some classes and events will be open to children and some will be adult-only. All are welcome to come and be a part of our community atmosphere, with evening fires and events hosted throughout the site.