Mission Statement

The mission of the Piedmont Earthskills Gathering is to provide a learning experience which empowers people through the development of skills and inspires a deep appreciation of inter-connectedness, cultural heritage, and ecological respect.


  • To increase the appreciation of the lives and skills of our ancestors, all of our ancestors, whether they came from the plains of African or the caves of Europe, or anywhere else across the globe.
  • To instill a greater appreciation of the natural world upon which we all depend
  • To expand knowledge of Piedmont flora and fauna
  • To inspire an ethic of caretaking towards the natural world
  • To cultivate the qualities that support community building which include an attitude of service, a sense of gratitude, tolerance for diversity, the ability to listen actively and speak plainly, personal responsibility and a belief in the value of peacemaking
  • To inspire discovery of the interconnectedness of the natural world and one’s individual inner spirit and the growth of personal virtues

  “With the learning of a skill comes self confidence, and with that self confidence we become a more fully alive Human Being.”            – Darry Wood, Co-Founder of Earthskills Rendezvous.